♫January Overview: Photos, Designing, and LOTS of records♫

WOAH. The first month of 2018 flew by REALLY quickly!

One of my new years resolution is to start making these overviews, since I love reading them.

Also- I experimented with some graphics! YAY! I got one of the diamonds from the wonderful Clara and the other crystals from a free clipart website.

Also, there’s another graphics-related surprise coming soon… but I’m not telling you 😉

Without further ado, let’s get on to today’s post!!

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.34.01 AM.png

I tell my self I don’t care about stats… but I kind of do.


189!! A new record!!


84 visitors- also a record *cheering*


59!! Also a reco- okay, I should stop saying that. 😂


I gained ten new followers, and now I have a total of FORTY FIVE FOLLOWERS?! This is INSANE for me, since when I started this blog I thought I’d get four followers. 😂

I posted three times in January (even though one of them was a really short filler post 😂)

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.35.09 AM.png

Well… my life in January was basically studying for exams, but I don’t think you want to hear about it. 😂 (That’s the fourth time I used that emoji in this post 😂😂)

I got my blue belt in self defense, WHICH IS GREAT!! Along with the subject of sports, I FINALLY mastered a really hard ice skating move. YAY!!

(I just realized this part makes it sound like I’m a really athletic person… LOL I’m not 😂)

I also kind of finished plotting Seeing isn’t Believing, but I still need to find an exciting climax… but WRITER’S BLOCK IS TERRIBLE!

I also started learning ASL! I don’t know why I started learning sign language, but I thought it would be fun! Right now, all I can sign is the alphabet and some basic phrases.

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.36.03 AM.png

☐ Photography posts

My biggest goal is PHOTOGRAPHY!

One of the reasons I started this blog was to improve my photography, but WHERE are the photography posts??

Some recent photos from a recent vacation (these pictures are taken on my phone instead of my camera since I can’t upload pictures from my camera right now 🙄)

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.49.58 AM.png
Lighting + Harry Potter castle= YAY!!
Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.52.13 AM.png
I love vacation!! ❤
Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.52.58 AM.png
This fountain is SO pretty!
Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.51.03 AM
This was a really messy pic but itś of a RED SPARKLY DRAGON!

☐ Post at least once a week

I’m trying (key word: trying) to have some sort of blogging schedule!

☐ Actually Bullet Journal

I started bullet journaling February first (I’m writing this post A BIT late) and I really want to keep up with it!

☐ Get my splits!

I’m stretching every day, so I think I can get my splits soon!

☐ Write at least 5k words.

I think a more reasonable goal would be for me to actually open my document. 😂

That’s it! Hope you have a great February!



Talking about writing feat. NO PLOT AT ALL

YAY I SURVIVED EXAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! barely

I got some of my grades back, and I did pretty good! I was really worried about my math exam, but I got an A, so yay!! (WOAH that rhymed!! I should be a poet!!)

But now that exams are over, I’m sick……….. with strep throat…………. for the THIRD TIME IN MY OH-SO-SHORT LIFE?!?!?!?


Also, how is it that I’ve been wanting to be an author for 5 years and THERE AREN’T ANY WRITING POSTS?!

*deep breath*

Today I’m going to talk about one of my passions- WRITING!!

Even though I’m only a teen, I still think that being an author at my age is possible. My goal is to be traditionally published before I’m 18. (I’M AMBITIOUS!)

In today’s post, I’m going to be talking about the novel I’m working on!



I kinda don’t have a cover…. but one’s coming soon!

The title is….






Okay, my working title is Seeing Isn’t Believing (doesn’t that sound cool!?!) BUT it kind of doesn’t fit the non existent plot of my novel.

BUT I’m really proud of the backstory/locationy thingy of my novel (so of course I’m saving that for the end of this post!!)

Also, just to clarify, I AM NOT DONE WITH THIS NOVEL. I probably will never be, since half of my document looks like:


There are just SO MANY some parts I reallllallalalalalalaly* don’t want to write

*It’s funny what exams can do to your spelling

Anyyyyhoooo (I love saying that- does anyone else love saying that?) let’s learn a bit about the characters!


Meet your 15 year old, kind, sweet, VERY CONFUSED WITH EVERYTHING, boy with heterochromia iridium (a condition where someone has two different color eyes, in Grey’s case, a brown eye and a blue eye)

Grey’s life in one quote: “Grey thought he was going to die.



Okay, Rune is very sarcastic. sarcastic SaRcAsTiC SARCASTIC!! (that was oddly a lot of fun to write!) She closes everyone off because of her dark mysterious past!!! (there HAS to be a person with a dark mysterious past in literally every book I’ve read.) Rune’s ability (you’ll learn what abilities are soon!) is being able to control the pulses sent to the brain of a person by making some sort of physical contact. She has gold-flecked brown eyes and caramel/red hair.

Rune as describe by Grey: “The way her eyebrows were raised and her arms were crossed screamed ‘YOU WILL BE SORRY YOU EVER MET ME.’”


Charlie is 11-ish. He’s basically a ball of sunshine!! He sees the good in everyone, and is always happy and energetic!! (Also, Charlie’s basically me since it’s pretty easy to write a character when you know all about them.)

Charlie as described by Grey: “Charlie, on the other hand, looked like a disaster in motion. His foot had stopped bouncing, but now his arms were flailing wildly.”


YAY THE OLDER SISTER!!! Lyra is seventeen, the oldest out of the main characters. She’s extremely protective of Charlie, but teases him a lot, in a nice way. Lyra has looong golden hair (like rapunzel!!) She really likes nature. Her ability is being freakishly good at reading body language- if she knows you well enough, it’s like reading your mind.

Side note: WordPress is telling me Alayo is spelled wrong in Charlie’s name but not Lyra?? I SEE WORDPRESS HAS ALREADY CHOSEN IT’S FAVORITE CHARACTER!!

I don’t really have a good Lyra quote for now, but I’ll update you guys when I have a good one!!

That’s it for the character’s!!! Now for the complex backstory I was talking about…


Thanks so much for reading this!! I’m very sorry that this whole post is a mess of capitilized words and random ramblings- I’m really tired (like always!!)

See you soon for the next post!!

P.S. Guess what? Scroll down a bit for a surprise!

































So, the characters I just listed listed live in Orion, which is basically the North America of the future. In the year of 2167, people with brown eyes (which are actually rare instead of dominant at this time) were believed to have bad magical powers!!! People started getting scared of the BE’s (brown eyed people for short) and started hunting them. (This actually sounds a lot like the Salem Witch Trials.) A couple decades in the future, when BE’s are nearly wiped out (but slowly regrowing!!) the Leader of Orion, Cobalt Indigo, makes a law that people’s status will be determined by eye color- people with blue eyes (about 20%) are treated like royalty. People with green eyes (about 50%) are treated really really really well. People with hazel eyes (about 20%) are treated well. People with brown eyes (about 10%) are deemed dangerous and sent to something like a rehabilitation center. The more rowdy BE’s, or the ones caught breaking the rules, are sent to a really remote place, where they’re trained for something big!!!!!!!! And then something happens!!!!! BUT I can’t tell you because it’s basically the book!!!!!!

That’s it!! (For real!!!)

Thanks for reading! Do you enjoy writing? Who was your favorite character?


{Ranting about exams!!}


-Sapphire, when she was studying for exams.

That was a very weird intro, I know 😂. Anyways, there’s just stuff I have to say!!!

1- Exams- Ok, because of a very stressful thing called exams, I won’t be posting/commenting/looking at WordPress for 2 weeks (random fact: it took me four tries to actually spell the word ‘weeks’ correctly… My finger kept hitting a random letter!)

…..that’s all I have to say.



























Hi!! I hope your day was fantastic!!! You are a MAGNIFICENT and UNIQUE person!!! YOU ROCK!

Okay, NOW I’m actually done. Once exams finish, I have a bunch of fun posts planned, so watch out for those!!



~The Liebster Award!!~



The amazingly-marvelously-awesome Julia nominated me for this amazingly-marvelously-awesome award and it’s so amazingly-marvelously…. okay, I’ll stop!!

Now onto the rules!!

  1. Thank the person who nominated you!
  2. Answer the eleven questions!
  3. Name eleven random facts about yourself!
  4. Nominate eleven blogs and inform them that you nominated them!
  5. Give them eleven questions to answer!

Hmmm…. I see a theme with the numbers.😂

Now…. the questions!!

What is your favorite season?

AUTUMN (or fall, depending on the person.) I ADORE AUTUMN. AUTUMN IS GREAT. In fact, it’s so great I wrote a whole post about it a while back. (that was not supposed to be self promo, it’s just me saying how I LOVE autumn.)

just so you know… AUTUMN IS GREAT!!!


Do you think it’s even possible to choose one favorite book or book series?

That’s like asking me if I can recite the Spanish alphabet while taming a bull on a tightrope.

In other words, NO.


What kind[s]s of music do you like listening to?

I have such a weird taste in music. I like listening to instrumental music while doing my homework, but I also like pop-that-isn’t-really-pop? That made no sense at all, but again, I don’t make any sense at all!


If you could have a fantasy/mythical creature as a pet, which one would you choose?

A dragon! NO- a griffon- a hippogriff- NO AN ALICORN!!!!

Probably an alicorn, but it would take me ages to decide.


Do you like spicy food?

YES! I love spicy food, but not the type of spicy food that makes you spit it out in the middle of family dinner and the burning takes an hour to disappear.

Hmm, I wonder how humiliating that experience must be. Good thing I never experienced it…. he he… MOVING ON.


Why do you love blogging?

This is kind of like the favorite book question- there are too many answers.

I think my favorite reason is that I can be myself and not be ashamed. (So inspiring, Sapphire.) But it’s true- I’m a bubbly person offline, but online I feel like I’m truly myself.


Have you ever gotten a serious injury? If so, what was it?

I haven’t gotten a serious injury, but I think I broke my arm in fifth grade and I thought it was completely fine until I forgot I hurt it and did a handstand.



Can you sing many songs by heart?

Surprisingly, yes. I remember songs really quickly since they have a certain beat or tune.


Do you have a favorite plant? If so, what?

I love those plants that have big vines that are crawling all over the place. They’re so cool and interesting.


What was the best day of your life (so far)?

This is SUCH a hard question!!! I have a best day for every month or so, but life- THAT’S SO HARD!

A recent good day in my life was September 29, 2017, my birthday (wow I sound so arrogant.) My class was on an overnight field trip, and the day we came back was my birthday. At first I was a bit sad I didn’t get to spend my birthday morning with my family, but as soon as I walked into the breakfast room everyone started singing happy birthday to me and IT FELT SO SPECIAL! I did get home early, and my family got to spend time AND MY MOM MADE CHEESECAKE!



Open up the nearest book to you that isn’t a school book on page 58. What is the 27th sentence? (If there aren’t that many sentences, keep going on to the next page)

I sat on my bed for a good five minutes wondering which of the four books surrounding me was closer.

I got this sentence from Absolutely Truly (my absolute FAVORITE winter read.)

“He was adding a graffitti-speckled rafter above his sketch of a waterfall.”


Here are the eleven facts about me!

  1. I’m trilingual.
  2. I have one of those bungee chairs in my room and I think everyone should have one.
  3. I’m taking ice skating lessons! (Beginner ones, not those fancy jumps :D)
  4. I collect paint chips.
  5. I have an unhealthy obsession with cupcakes.
  6. I have a uniform for my school 😦
  7. I have started about 25 novels but I never finished them.
  8. When I was in second grade, I wanted to be a professional photographer since one came to our school to take pictures but I wasn’t in any of the photos.
  9. My favorite words in the english language are loquacious and labyrinth.
  10. My favorite art thing to do is collage.
  11. I love making random film trailers on iMovie. (IT’S SO FUN!!!)

The nominees! I tried to choose people I knew/friends with, but also people I semi knew, so I could get to know them better! (Just so when people saw that I nominated them and they were very confused.)

Enni- On The Wings of a Dream

Kaylyn- Kaylyn’s World

Mukta- Born Free

Maddy- Maddy’s Digital Diary

Mya- Life From Behind a Camera

Ivy and Em- Two Girls, Two Mountains

Bekah- Questionable Tortoise Couture

Blackie Sunshine- Silver Sky Dolls

Hannah- Crafts of All Seasons

AND ANYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO DO THIS because I couldn’t find anyone else to nominate.

Now for the questions!

What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

What are your goals for 2018?

If you could go ANYWHERE in the world, where would you go?

If you could have one truthful answer to ANY question, what would your question be?

Do you collect any weird things?

Is there a specific reason you chose your blog name?

If you could bring any fictional thing or person to life, who/what would it be?

What skill(s) do you really want to learn?

If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

What’s one joke that makes you laugh every time you hear it?


That’s it for this post! Hope everyone has a great 2018!


Sapphire ❤



//Storytelling+(late) answers for 14 truths and a lie//

hey Hey HEY!

It’s me, the person who hasn’t posted anything for the past seventeen years!

*crickets chirping*

Anyway, I have the answers for this post right here!

To recap, the list was:

  1. I’m a purple belt in Karate
  2. I won my first grade spelling bee
  3. I won 636 swedish fish by calculating the volume of the jar it was in.
  4. I read my first chapter book from the last chapter to the first chapter
  5. I wrote a 26 page story in fourth grade
  6. I’m an ambivert
  7. My neighbor owns a hot air balloon
  8. I make a FANTASTIC peanut butter chocolate chunk oatmeal cookie
  9. I can say the french alphabet six times without taking a breath
  10. The first musical I ever saw was Annie
  11. I used to be on a swim team
  12. I’ve high-fived Taylor Swift
  13. I’ve swam with dolphins
  14. My favorite color is turquoise
  15. My favorite food is gelato

Enni guessed number 9! She is……………………………………..wroooong.

It’s okay, Enni! I made this really hard 🙂

The lie is number 12! I’ve never high-fived Taylor Swift, or met her.

BUT- there’s some interesting stories behind these.

4- The first chapter book I read was the first magic tree house book. I read the first page, found it boring, then skipped to the last chapter and read the book backward.

Throwback 😀

(speaking of throwbacks, my younger sister is playing My Little Pony songs… that’s my sister for you.)

5- In fourth grade, our teacher assigned us to write a two-five page fantasy novel. Since I’m an overachiever, I wrote a twenty six page novel about mermaid twins, an octopus with an afro, and a unicorn. It was set in Underwater Dreamland. I will never share it.

8- I maaaaay have got the recipe off the back of Trader Joe’s Gluten Free oats bag, but hey, it’s good.

11- I started with a couple months of swim lessons, then I decided to swim competitively for a bit.

I quit after a month

13- IT WAS AWESOME the dolphin tried to drown me once BUT IT WAS STILL AWESOME.


Now some stories-

I was once on a quiz show. There were some hard categories, but then there was a Greek mythology category, and I was like, “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!! I READ PERCY JACKSON!!!!!” But then…





Thankfully, my team answered them all correctly, but still.


This next story happened Thursday. I’m on a Junior Varsity Basketball team for my school, and we were watching the Varsity team play a game. We got to leave fifteen minutes early, so we could make it to the game. I lost track of time, so I left class 10 minutes early instead of 15.

(sorry if this is really confusing)

I’m walking over to the bus stop, and I don’t see the sports bus. I call my friend who’s on the basketball team, but she was at a dentist appointment. I call my other friend, and she picks up. This was basically our conversation.

Me: “Hey, where are you?”

My friend: “We’re driving. We left a couple of minutes ago.”

Me, screaming: “WAIT FOR ME!!!”

My friend: “Sapphire, we’ve literally left the school.”

Me: “I’M COMING!!!”

I start running as fast as I can (which is pretty slow.) When I was three blocks away from the school, yelling “I SEE THE BUS! TELL THE DRIVER TO STOP!” on the phone.

I probably looked insane BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT.

I can hear my friend yelling, “COACH! SAPPHIRE’S COMING! STOP THE BUS!” on the phone.

The bus stopped, and everyone was staring at me as I ran toward the bus. I had my bag in one hand and my coat in the other, so it was kind of hard.

MIRACULOUSLY, I made it onto the bus, then tripped up the stairs.

Oh, the joys of being clumsy.

Those are my stories! Do you have any funny stories? If so, comment them below!



An announcement/my name


I’ve been meaning to share this, but… Sapphire kinda isn’t my real name??

WAIT-I have an explanation

My name’s Persian, so people aren’t really used to it. People used to call me names and tease me. I HATED it.

Thankfully, the teasing has stopped, but I remember when I started this blog I was really scared that people were going to call me mean names online. Obviously, I didn’t know how nice bloggers were.

So I created a new name- Sapphire. As mentioned before, Sapphire is my birthstone, but long ago was thought to guard against evil too. I also love the color.

So when I started this blog, I decided that I was never going to let anyone know that Sapphire isn’t my real name. When I learned how nice everyone was, I felt like the blogosphere needed to know.

I hope you guys understand. 😊 If nobody minds, I still want to go as Sapphire and not my real name. I love the friendships I’ve created through my online pseudonym, so I find the name very meaningful. Thanks for being understanding, and I hope nobody’s upset that I went by a fake name.


♡ Things to do to make you happy ♡


Hey there!

Recently, life’s been kinda bleh. (I’m looking at you, math homework.)

I’ve compiled some things I like to do when I’m feeling down! These things work for me, but since we’re all different and unique, these things may not be the best things for you.


This might not be that good for you if you’re not super artistic. I find that watercolors are really nice since they’re so soothing and fantastic!


I find baking to be really cool, especially when you’re experimenting in the kitchen. Also, you get a treat when you’re done! It’s a win-win!


This is GUARANTEED to make you happy. (unless you hate music or dancing 😉 ) All you have to do is play some upbeat music and DANCE!


Whether you plan out your dream room, house, or trip to Europe, I find this to be a very exciting activity. If only your plans were a reality… 😀


I find that making people happy makes ME happy. An act of kindness doesn’t have to be huge (smiling at a stranger) or something HUGE (giving your best friend a unicorn?)


This always makes me laugh. My old photos involve three year old me making funny faces, smearing cake on my face, and much more. You can collect some of your favorites and frame it in your room.

7. EAT

I think the title speaks for itself 🙂

That’s it! What do YOU do when you’re sad? Comment down below!


Sapphire 🙂


NaNoWriMo Update!!


The time where Sapphire chugs gallons of caffeine to stay awake to write.

The time where Sapphire burns her eyes with the computer screen.

The time where Sapphire never does her math homework because writing is better.

Sadly, this time of year means blogging is probably not going to happen much.

I have a REALLY cool idea for my book (which I’ll tell y’all about AFTER november)

Anyways, that’s it!


I feel the need to share some VERSE I JUST WROTE!

My book is told in multiple POV’s, and one of them is written in verse:


then that happened

what happened to me wasn’t even that bad

at least

that’s what they say


btw this girl has ptsd so yeah

That’s it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~14 truths and a Lie~

ANOTHER fancy title!

I’m REALLY excited for this post!

Like, super-duper-amazingly-fantastically excited!

I love playing this game with my friends, so I thought Hey! I should do this on my blog so people will actually know things about me!

In the next post, I will reveal the lie AND explain some stories behind the truth…

Here you go!

  1. I’m a purple belt in Karate
  2. I won my first grade spelling bee
  3. I won 636 swedish fish by calculating the volume of the jar it was in.
  4. I read my first chapter book from the last chapter to the first chapter
  5. I wrote a 26 page story in fourth grade
  6. I’m an ambivert
  7. My neighbor owns a hot air balloon
  8. I make a FANTASTIC peanut butter chocolate chunk oatmeal cookie
  9. I can say the french alphabet six times without taking a breath
  10. The first musical I ever saw was Annie
  11. I used to be on a swim team
  12. I’ve high-fived Taylor Swift
  13. I’ve swam with dolphins
  14. My favorite color is turquoise
  15. My favorite food is gelato


Comment down below what you think the lie is…. *evil laughing*



《 A day in the life 》


Did you like the fancy thing I did in the title? I’m TRYING to make my blog look more refined-ish. It’s not really working BUT THAT’S OK!

Anyhooo, I was completely out of blog ideas until I said to myself, “Sapphire. You’ve literally written one blog post. How can you be out of ideas?”

So here you go! This is a day in the life on a weekend day. If I did a day in the life of me at school, it basically be:

6:30- wake up. 6:30 to midnight- SCHOOL/HOMEWORK/A REALLY BAD HEADACHE.

NOW we’ll actually get onto the day! (Sorry that was a long intro)

8:30-9: I wake up. Usually when I wake up, I’ll stay in bed for a bit and read, or check my phone to see if anything happened.

9-9:30: I go to the bathroom, shower, brush my teeth, wash my face, and somehow end up singing Broadway songs.

9:30-10:15: I eat breakfast, which usually consists of eggs, toast, or sometimes pancakes. Today I had hash browns and these really good pita chips I made.

10:15-11: I randomly wander around the house since I’m bored (sadly, this is true.)

11-12: I do something with my younger siblings, like watching a movie or playing a board game or just talking.

12-12:30- LUUUUUUNCH! Lunch varies, but it’s usually pasta, a sandwich, or salad.

12:30-2:30: This is usually the time me and my family go out somewhere. Yesterday we went apple picking. Today were going to a bookstore and a cafe. I’m excited!

2:30-3: This is the time I usually try to clean up my room a bit. Alas, it still looks like a mess.

3-6: What I do here usually varies. I could be kayaking with my friend (I live next to a lake), making friendship bracelets, reading, or just wasting time.

6-7: My family usually eats a really early dinner. Dinner always varies, but yesterday we had this REALLY good lentil vegetable soup (my mouth is watering right now 😂) and pasta with bean burgers instead of meatballs. (I’m pescatarian, so I usually sub meat with a bean burger.)

7-8: I get ready for bed: I put on my pajamas, brush my teeth, etc.

8-11: I STAY UP! I’m a huge night owl! (actually I stay up until 1:00 but putting 11 makes it look like I actually get sleep.) Here I read (books, blog posts, magazines) crochet, write, or just daydream. Then I sleep!

That’s a day in my life! I hope you enjoyed! 😀