My WIP in GIF’s!!+I started a new WIP?!?! ft. lots of fangirling and snark

Hi there! Sorry I haven’t posted in FOREVER. School started recently, and I’ve been SWAMPED in work. *cries*

However, I realized I have tons of tags I need to catch up on! I’m starting with the WIP in GIF’s tag (thank you SO much Audrey for tagging me! If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, go check it out now! Her posts are always amazing and she’s a wonderful writer.) In the next week or so, I’ll be catching up with the rest of the tags, so look out for those!

Anyways, we’ll start with the GIF’s, then I’ll talk about my new WIP!!


One of the rare moments when The Squad aren’t running for their lives
A Disney GIF? What a surprise!!
I originally put this in because it’s Supergirl but it does relate to the story!
See above (the Supergirl GIF)
This is actually The Squad 24/7
It was either this or another Tangled GIF XD
A rare time when two characters are happy!! YAY!!
This is one character for the entirety of the book

Those are all of the GIF’s for now! As for my actual WIP, I’m not going to be sharing much. *evil laughter* I basically shared every single detail about my old WIP, so now I’m being secretive!

However, I will share a snippet or two!





(I just realized all of the characters are really snarky and it’s kind of amusing)

That’s it for today! If you like the WIP in GIF’s tag, consider yourself tagged!! I hope you liked the snippets!

Are you currently working on a writing project? Do you like to write? Do you have an unhealthy obsession with GIF’s?



My All Time Favorite TV Shows!!



Hi there!! Today, I will be talking about my favorite TV shows.. as you can probably guess from the title. 😂

I watch a variety of shows- from cartoons to game shows to action shows (is that what people call them?? xD) Today I will be talking about my favorites!

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.31.15 AM

Tangled: The Series


Tangled is my all time favorite movie, so I was so excited when the series was released!


I thought that it was going to be a cute cartoon, with no plot and two-dimensional characters… but I was WRONG.

The plot and conflict are great, but the CHARACTERS?!

Rapunzel, Eugene, and Pascal are in this series, but there’s more characters, including my smol child Varian!



Also, the relationship between Cassandra and Eugene is hilarious!


Anyways, if you don’t watch this show, you should at least listen to the soundtrack… which I’m listening to right now!! The song I’m on right now is “Ready As I’ll Ever Be” which is SOoooOooOo gOOd!!!

Okay, I’m done fangirling. 😂

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.31.15 AM



I don’t even know where to begin with this show.. oh wait! I do!!

This is such a diverse show!! It deals with really important topics like immigration and feminism. The cast is really diverse- two of the main characters are POC, there’s a gay couple, a first generation Latina character, the president is a woman, and in the next season there’s going to be a trans character!!

This show also makes me laugh really hard.

743f157279ead38a73afcae9f945ebb4 752fc1b4c2b447e4e853774c9abd40988992.jpg

(Sorry the formatting is bad!! I tried hard to make it look good, but it just wasn’t working!)

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.31.15 AM



I’m only on the third season, but this is a really good show! It follows a man named Oliver, who has been presumed dead for 5 years. When he comes back home, he becomes a vigilante and tries to rid his city of crime. I like the fact that this show is realistic- the good guys don’t always win. However, the reason why it ROCKS is one reason- My Queen, Felicity Smoak!!!
Felicity_funnyI couldn’t find more gifs because I’m trying to stay away from the fandom due to SPOILERS!!

Anyways, she’s a queen!! I love her!!

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.31.15 AM

Cutthroat Kitchen


I adore cooking shows, and this is by the most entertaining one I’ve ever seen!

I don’t know how to really explain this, but chefs have to cook the same dish, but they are sabotaged by their opponents. In some episodes, chefs had to cook using a hammock as their prep table, couldn’t use any pans, or had to other equally weird things!!

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.31.15 AM
The Kindness Diaries


While this show is a lot different than the other shows, it’s still very interesting and heartwarming!

This show follows a man named Leon Logothetis who travels all around the world- with a twist. He travels around the world using only the kindness of strangers.

“What do you mean, Sapphire?” you may ask. Well, Leon asks strangers for food, for them to pay gas for his motorcycle, and even asks a boat crew* if he can stay in their boat to cross the Atlantic Ocean to go to Europe. However, he doesn’t accept money, only kindness!

This is such a cute show and proves that there are many kind people in the world!

*I spent a solid minute thinking if “ship crew” or “boat crew” sounded better

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.31.15 AM

Thanks for reading this post! I had fun fangirling about my favorite TV shows!! If you watch any of these shows, please tell me your opinion!

Have you seen any of these shows? What kinds of shows do you watch? What’s your favorite show? Do you love Tangled?



Thanks to Fabrizio Conti on Unsplash for the featured image picture!

My Favorite Book Covers



People say don’t judge a book by it’s cover… yet I do. A lot.

I have read many book solely based on the fact the cover is GORGEOUS. Today, I’m going to share some BEAUTIFUL covers!

I haven’t read all of these- if I have, I’ll leave a rating!

(All covers link to goodreads!)

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.31.15 AM

The Glass Spare

Lauren DeStefano


WOW. *clutches heart* This is just so beautiful and it deserves a hug!!

I just wish the actual story was better? I loved the characters, and the family relationships was A+. Also, a mythology retelling?? YES! However, the world was one I’ve seen before and the plot was slooow. The ending was good, and I’ll be reading the second book!

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.31.15 AM



Courtney Summers

This is so BEAUTIFUL! It’s minimalistic, but the red stands out, and the font is gorgeous, and just WOW.

(I thought this came out in July and I just realized it hasn’t even come out yet 😒)
Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.31.15 AM

Story Thieves: Worlds Apart

James Riley


I present to you the only middle grade book that’s ever made me cry!!

Story Thieves is my all time favorite series, and this conclusion was just… WOW what a roller coaster.

All of my smol children look SO GROWN UP?? I mean, Kiel with his smirk??


I had such a hard time to choose between all of the Story Thieves covers- I mean, they’re all so AMAZING!

You should DEFINITELY read this series!! It plays around with non-fictional and fictional worlds and characters. Also, the CHARACTERS?!?! I can’t stop raving about them- there’s a half-fictional character(!!), a time traveler immune to paradoxes, a superhero who’s power is optimism, and the human form of a cinnamon roll.

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.31.15 AM

Always Never Yours

Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka

Things I love about this cover:


B) The mint background is also GORGEOUS!

C) The font is GORGEOUS!!


Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.31.15 AMwish

As You Wish

Chelsea Sedoti


While this book wasn’t my favorite, due to how slow it was, I LOVE the color scheme! The candles look really pretty and I love it. The blue and the gold match really nicely.

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.31.15 AMThat’s it! Hope you enjoyed!

What are some of your favorite book covers? Have you read any of these books?


Credit to Alex Loup on Unsplash for featured image picture!

I’m Back!! ft. Life updates, my vacation, and my button! (and lots of gelato)!!


HI THERE!!! I’M BACK!!!!!!!!

I haven’t posted in TWO MONTHS?! I’ve been on vacation for the past two months, and I had a great time!! However, now I’m back on WordPress and back to schooooool.

Today, I’m going to update you all on my vacation and life!!


I can’t say EVERYWHERE I went for privacy reasons, but one of the places I went to was Italy!! If you would like a photo dump, comment below!!

The Duomo!


The architecture was absolutely gorgeous!! We also ate gelato everyday, making the gelato lover in me VERY happy!

This was a gelato sandwich!! Gelato in between two cookies with chocolate sauce? YES PLEASE!

Over all, I had a great time and hope I can go again sometime soon!


I read a TON! I decided to share some books I read.

(All covers link to goodreads pages!)

Some of my favorite summer reads:

cruel primce.jpgThe Cruel Prince

Holly Black



Holly Black is one of my favorite authors, and there’s been TONS of hype, so I went into it with INSANELY high expectations, and it did NOT disappoint!! I loved the characters, and the plot, and the relationships. My only complaint is that the beginning was a bit slow, but that’s it!

love and luck.jpg

Love and Luck

Jenna Evans Welch


Love and Gelato was my one of my favorite books last year, so I was so excited when I learned this book was coming out!! It was really fun, but some parts were a tad bit predictable. However, I loved the characters! Addie was such a fun and spunky character, and Rowan is SUCH A SWEET BOY.
There wasn’t any gelato though??? Gelato is an essential of life.


The Cruel Prince

Neal Shusterman


This book deserves a round of applause.


This book DEFINITELY has some of the best world building I’ve ever read! The idea of the scythes and gleanings both fascinated and terrified me. I loved the characters!! Rowan and Citra had great personalities and a very interesting relationship. I definitely recommend this book!

Anticipated releases:

golden tower  aever  aaflash

(I think WordPress’s one goal is to try to ruin my life by messing up the format of the covers 🤦)


First things first… I have a button!!!


Mukta designed this a while ago when she created the GORGEOUS design for my blog* but I kept forgetting to share it. I would love to swap buttons with all of you- please comment below if you want to too!

*I will always be eternally grateful for online design companies- it took me half an hour to just make the featured image 😂😂

Another thing… *slow piano music starts playing in the background* Lately, I’ve been debating a very important topic. I simply feel out of place and have been thinking deeply *music stops* okay, I will cut to the chase! **

I’ve been thinking of changing things up on my blog. To do this, I’m creating a blogging schedule! FINALLY.

On Sundays, I’ll be posting my usual posts- random and weird posts, challenges, discussions, and lifestyle-ish posts. On Wednesdays, I’ll be posting bookish and writing posts. I mostly read these style of posts, and I want to try out literary blogging!!

**… what?? is?? this?? paragraph?????

Also, I have a Pinterest!! Click here follow along!

Screenshot 2018-02-05 at 10.31.15 AM

That’s it!! I’m so excited to be back on the blogosphere!!

What did you do this summer? Do you love Gelato? Are you excited for school? What program do you use to make your featured image? (I need help. LOTS.)



Thanks to Corey Agopian on Unsplash for the featured image photo!!

A very quick announcement!

Hello friends! I’m traveling for… TWO FULL MONTHS!! I can’t tell you everywhere we’re going for privacy reasons, but our first stop is Italy!! Our plane is today!

Unfortunately… I don’t know if we’ll have wifi, and you kind of need wifi to blog. So if I’m VERY unavtive for most of summer, you know why!!

Don’t worry, I’ll be back before you know it! 😉 I love each and every one of you, and I hope your summer ROCKS!! Look forward to a ton of travel posts near the end of August!!


note: the way this post sounds makes it seems like I’ll be gone for 10 years instead of two months XD


The Official Reverse Blogging Post!

Hello there! The post you’ve been waiting for is here- the reverse blogging post! Thanks to Ella, Julia, Sydney, Liz, Sumheda, Arabella, Tess, Zella, Mukta, Liv, and Kendra for submitting ideas!

I may have shortened some entries just to make this post easier to read, but I didn’t change the wording at all! Everything is directly quoted. 🙂

Without further ado, let’s move onto the tips!

Question: What are your tips for balancing blogging with your life?

  • “Set a specific day to do all your blogging and then spend the rest focusing on your life 🙂 Also keeping blogging as your fun hobby rather than a chore! Just don’t get too caught up in it!”
  • “I try to look in advance. What do I have to get done in this coming {insert time amount here}? (Eg. week. Or month) I can write drafts in advance!”
  • “I happen to be a draft freak (if there’s really such a thing) so I’m constantly writing up new drafts WAAAAAAAAAAY before I need them. Eventually, it’s a matter of pick-and-choose. 😛 This is especially helpful when I don’t have any ideas for new posts, or am waiting for readers to tell me what they want to read next.”
  • “I really like scheduling posts! Helps a lot if you need a post to be a certain day and you don’t have time on that specific day!”
  • “Don’t stress 😛 I’m not even kidding… don’t stress, it’s ok if you miss a posting day, your readers will forgive you. And start with plenty of time so you’re not rushing at the last minute.”
  • “Don’t blog every single second you have free. Use some of the time, but spend some time spending time with family, walking, etc.”
  • “I’d say what keeps me balanced is thinking of it as a hobby, not a chore or a job. You decide what goes on your blog – don’t let people peer pressure you.”
  • “My tip is not to be afraid to kick blogging down the priority ladder. Often times we think that we need to blog every week, maybe even every day, to get lots of followers or gain credibility as a blogger. I used to be like that. Then I realized that this is MY laptop, MY blog, and MY email account. I get to control when I go online, when I blog, when I comment, when I read other posts. If I don’t have spare time, I don’t have spare time. I often let my followers know when it’s gonna be a rough month, so they not to expect much from me. And I choose to spend my time putting work into posts that will benefit others, instead of rushing through a cheap post to get people commenting or get engagement.”
  • “Don’t have a blogging schedule unless the scheduled day(s) will be perpetually free and independent from real-life obligations, events, and people.”
  • “Be open to whenever, wherever, however inspiration strikes, take note of it (mentally or on paper, whichever works best for you) and then WRITE THE POST when you have time to do so. I know, that sweet amount of time comes only once in a blue moon (or maybe slightly more often than that…), but it’ll come.”
  • “Schedule one hour a day to write your posts and have a focus for each day. (example: Mon: prewrite, Tues-Thurs: drafting, Fri: proofread and schedule) Also, multitask while you write. Sit and watch an episode of your favorite show or listen to music. The goal is to make writing fun for yourself instead of a chore.”
  • “Write about something you are truly passionate about. Personally, blogging is my creative outlet so I write about things I am interested in and want to share with my viewers. Blogging balance takes trial and error, and you’ll find it gets easier with practice. Just keep at it and you’ll get it. :)”
  • “I’m going to say that you have to make time!  Finish your assignments as soon as possible, preferably at school itself, and so on.”
  • “Planning always helps. However less, it’ll help to manage a time-consuming hobby such as blogging along with in real life duties.”
  • “Establishing a routine or setting time aside regularly for blogging can make you cultivate the mood to blog at those times. Soon you’ll be following the routine before you know it!”
  • “Try not to put blogging as your first priority. It’s not a job, it’s a hobby. If you work well with deadlines, good, but blogging should be more of an outlet than another chore. I try to not worry about publishing posts regularly and so I don’t get stressed when in real life deadlines prevent me from blogging. I simply blog later when I’m free and this has helped me to see blogging as something I enjoy and not another thing to keep track of.”

Also, this tip made me laugh- “Really, the only way to make it work is writing at night huddled in a dark cloak at a desk with a dark lantern when the moon is full. *cough* it can be done.”

Thanks so much for reading? Would you like to see another reverse blogging post?  What was your favorite tip?

(My wifi is slow, so my signoff isn’t working >.<)

Sapphire’s Silly Stories pt. 2!

Hi there!

A while ago, I posted a post about random and interesting stories. I had so much with that I decided I’d do another post!


Okay, this is a very weird memory…

When I was three, I was at a zoo. I wanted to take a picture in front of the giraffe, so I stood underneath it. Right when my parents were going to take the picture, the giraffe leaned over and stole the hat I was wearing!!

(My parents say that the zookeeper put giraffe food on my hat, but I don’t remember that 😉)


A little secret… I’m a little scared of dogs.

Not cute little dogs. I’m more scared of bigger dogs, especially when they growl.

(I promise that track and my fear of big dogs actually has a connection)

Okay, so once I was on a run with my friend, and we were going through a dog park. There was this dog that walked by my friend, then came to me. Since I’m scared of dogs, I was a little nervous. However, dogs can sense when your nervous, and so the dog started growling. SO THIS SCARES ME EVEN MORE. And then ANOTHER growling dog came!!

And that’s when I did literally the dumbest thing anyone can do- I ran.

I know, you’re probably thinking SAPPHIRE! Dogs can probably outrun you, especially when you hate sprinting!

HOWEVER, the owner caught the dogs, and running fast felt really cool!

I did apologize to the owners, and everything was fine, and now I want to join my school’s track team!


One dark and dreary night, Sapphire was haunted by monsters- her homework…

One night, I had a lot of homework. However, I was feeling really lazy, so I decided I’d watch a movie.

However, I knew if I watched a new movie, I’d finish the whole thing, so I decided I’d watch a childhood favorite.

However, I decided to mix things up, I’d watch a Disney movie I’d never seen before.

I decided on Hercules (because that was probably the only Disney movie on Netflix I haven’t seen,) and told myself I’d only watch the first 15 minutes.

However, and hour and a half later, I finished Hercules and I hadn’t touched my homework at all!!

And that’s why I never start movies with the intent of not finishing them.


Back when I was in 6th grade, we were FORCED to do chorus.

(Note: I CANNOT sing at all.)

However, there was this BIG concert that I was really looking forward to. All of the musical electives were performing, including the middle school chorus I was painfully forced to join.

Then, I learned I couldn’t go. I was a bit upset, but not really. I stayed after school and waited for my mom to pick me up.

However, my dad showed up and told me I could be in the concert because his meeting was cancelled! I was so happy!

Then I remembered something- there’s a uniform for concerts. You have to wear all black and a pop of color, like a scarf. Since I didn’t think I was going to go, I didn’t bring a change of clothes

Luckily, I was wearing black leggings that day, but not a black top.

I frantically raced around the school, and I found a black sweater!! It looked small, so I assumed it was a 6th grader’s sweater. Since I was in 6th grade, I knew my fellow peers wouldn’t mind if I borrowed their sweater.

(Looking back, that wasn’t great logic xD)

I had this pink fluffy winter scarf I stuffed in my locker a long time ago (which I don’t think was what they meant by scarf,) so that’s what I wore for my uniform.

And that’s how I made my concert uniform at the last minute!

I hoped you like my stories!



~I’m Back!+Questions!~


I have to apologize for my unannounced hiatus! I was really busy with Camp NaNo, school, sports, more school, life, and more school!

However, my hiatus is done, and I’m back!

You may have realized I didn’t post a March or April recap. I’m going to try something new and do my recaps by season- so you’ll learn about March, April, and May at the end of this month!!

Now I have some questions for you!

1) You may have read my reverse blogging post (the actual post is going up soon!) Should I put the comments exactly the way they are written or rephrase them? I think I may put them in their original wording, but I’m still not sure!

2) I’m starting an Etsy shop for charity- yay! I was wondering if any of you Etsy people (is that the correct term? XD) have any tips! Also, the shop is going to be a bracelet store for charity, so I need some help with names!!

3) This is so random, but do you have to watch any movies before you see Avengers: Infinity Wars? My friends REALLY want to see it with me but I haven’t seen any Avengers movies before XD

That’s it!! There will be more posts coming soon!


~Introducing reverse blogging!!~

Hi there!! This post is going to be SUUUPER exciting (I hope XD.)

Today, I am introducing something I started called reverse blogging. The way this works is I’ll have a post idea (for example, an idea could be like “How to advertise your blog more” or “Fun things to do when your bored”.) Then, you send me a response to the idea via my contact page or the comments. A response you could send would be like “One way to advertise your blog is to collab often with other bloggers.” Then, in a week or two, I’ll join all the responses onto one blog post that you can view!! The blog post will be filled with unique ideas from many bloggers.

P.S. Here’s a contact form!

If that’s confusing, just notify me and I’ll explain it more 😉.

The prompt for this week is…

What are your tips for balancing blogging with your life?

Hope you enjoy! Sorry for how short this post is- I’m pretty busy 😛 Don’t forget to share this with your blogging friends so we can get a variety of responses.


>50 follower Q&A: The answers!!<

Hi there!! These are the answers for the questions you asked! Than you to EVERYONE who asked questions- I had so much fun answering them!

Also, if you’re reading this post in reader, GO TO MY ACTUAL SITE!! The wonderful and talented Mukta redesigned my site!!! IT LOOKS SO PRETTY! Thanks, Mukta!

The questions are in bold, and my answers are in… not bold? XD

Without further ado, let’s get started!

WARNING: This post might make you hungry.

If you were one kind of sweet (candy and chocolate both included) what would you be?

I’m a HUGE chocolate girl- I’d probably be a chocolate truffle- a sweet person with a surprise inside!!

If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

ONLY three words? 😦

(Just kidding- probably zealous, loquacious, and imaginative.)

What is your favorite color, and why?

Simple answer: a tealish blue

Long answer: On a sunny day, the sun hits the waves at a perfect angle, and the water is a PERFECT shade of blue, and the sun reflects off of it and it’s beautiful!

I honestly don’t know why teal is my favorite color, but it’s pretty!

What was a crazy dream you once had?

Okay… this is pretty weird, but I had a dream once that I went on a field trip and a rollercoaster turned into a dragon that lived off of toilet paper, and when I got back, my school somehow transported to the world of the Wizard of Oz, and the grade above me turned evil, so we had to lock ourselves in our classroom.

It was WEIRD.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Funny story… when I was in first grade, a photographer/filmographer came to my school to take pictures and film us, but I was in ‘time out’ or something so I couldn’t get filmed. I was so mad that for two years after that I told everyone I wanted to be a photographer because I somehow thought it would be like avenging myself?? Anyways, then I discovered writing and I wanted to be an author 🙂

What is your favorite snack?

When I’m feeling healthy: baby carrots dipped in hummus

When I’m not feeling healthy, a.k.a usually: GELATO ALL THE WAY!!!

What is your favorite fruit?

Mangoes and blackberries (but not when the blackberries are sour!)

Who inspires you?

My mom! She’s such a cool person 😉

Would you rather know how you were going to die or when you were going to die?

I feel like if I knew when I was going to die, I would live my whole life counting down the days and not really appreciate living, so how I was going to die is my answer!

Would you rather lick a sweaty armpit or chew a dirty toenail?

*cringes at the grossness*

Ummmmmmm, I guess I would…. chew the toenail IF I WAS ABSOLUTELY FORCED TO.

Would you rather be bald or have hair all over you?

Probably bald- but the hair all over would make a good Chewbacca costume!

Would you rather have no eyebrows or no eyelashes?

Hmm… probably no eyelashes, because mine are already non-existent xD.

Do you like mac n cheese and why?

I LOVE Mac n Cheese- the baked version with the breadcrumbs on top… (Oh boy, my mouth is watering- I want Mac N Cheese!!)

What is your dream car?

I have a joke with my friends that my dream car is a pink punch buggy, but my dream car is… probably an actual pink punch buggy 😉

Do you want me to give you a chocolate donut right now or vanilla ice cream?

Hands down vanilla ice cream!!

Lions or tigers?


Pigs or mice?

Oof, this is hard… probably mini pigs!

Baseball or football?

I’m not a huge sports person, but baseball!

Earthquake or tornado?

Okay, once there was a tornado warning in my area and I thought I was going to die, so I’m more a fan of earthquakes.

American Girl or Barbie?

American Girl!

Captain America or Iron Man?

Probably Iron Man!

Skiing or snowboarding?


Rollercoaster or Ferris wheel?

Theoretically, I love roller coasters- the thrill, the adrenaline, etc.

Realistically? Ferris wheels- I’m a bit toooo scared of roller coasters.

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

Probably the community- I think I have more blogging friends than IRL friends XD

What’s your biggest dream?

Okay, my biggest dream is pretty ambitious, but it’s to write a novel, have it published, have the novel be turned into an accurate TV show or movie, and act in the film adaption!!! It combines two of my favorite things- writing and acting!!

Do you like springtime?

YES! Spring is my favorite season- it’s filled with flowers and birds and happiness and the end of school and other magnificent things!!

What are your thoughts on salsa?

I ADORE it! Give me some chips and salsa and I’ll be a happy girl!

Would you rather eat sour or sweet food?

Sweet food- I’m not a huge fan of sour things.

How long have you been blogging?

I started a small comic blog two years ago- that lasted for less than a month. I’ve been blogging on Simply Sapphire Song since September 19, 2017!

Do you like Hot Chocolate?

Like salsa, I ADORE hot chocolate!! It’s my favorite winter treat.

Do you play any instruments?

I learned how to play the recorder in third grade and the ukulele in fourth, but it’s been quite a while. I REALLY want to learn how to play the piano, but I’m way too busy 😦

How many blogs do you follow?

58 and counting!

What is your favorite thing about each season?

Summer: It’s hard to explain, but there’s a certain feeling about summer, when you wake up and the sun is streaming through your windows, and you feel like nothing can stop you from going to the beach or just having fun!!

Autumn: THE COLORS OF THE TREES. (As you can see, I’m a bit obsessed with autumn colors.)

Winter: A year ago, I would’ve said snow, but there have been SO MANY SNOW STORMS in my area- in fact, it’s snowing right now!! I love snow, but I also like the feeling of coziness and all the winter drinks- hot cocoa, eggnog, etc.

Spring: The flowers blooming, hearing the birds chirp, and feeling the warm sunshine.

What is your favorite TV show?

I’m currently watching Once Upon A Time, and I love it!!

Would you rather never be able to use a camera again or never be able to read a book again?

I have to go with never using a camera again- I would miss my camera soooooo much, but I don’t know how I’d live without my precious books.

If you could only reread one book the rest of the life which would you choose?

Is there some sort of book that contains all the books in the universe? If there is, that book.

If that book didn’t exist, I’m going to cheat and name a series, but it would be the Story Thieves series. I’ve read the first book at least 20 times (I was on a two month vacation and I only brought a couple of books :P) and I still never get tired of it!! (Also, the main character can jump into books- HOW COOL IS THAT?)

Bunnies or Pigs?

BUNNIES!!! I really want a bunny!!

Favorite candy?

CHOCOLATE!!! I like dark chocolate, but not too dark and bitter.

If you could meet one blogger who would it be?

*has an existential crisis because there are so many bloggers*

I honestly can’t choose!! I’d like to meet every single blogger in the universe because that’s totally possible.


That’s it!!

Thanks so much for reading!