~I’m Back!+Questions!~


I have to apologize for my unannounced hiatus! I was really busy with Camp NaNo, school, sports, more school, life, and more school!

However, my hiatus is done, and I’m back!

You may have realized I didn’t post a March or April recap. I’m going to try something new and do my recaps by season- so you’ll learn about March, April, and May at the end of this month!!

Now I have some questions for you!

1) You may have read my reverse blogging post (the actual post is going up soon!) Should I put the comments exactly the way they are written or rephrase them? I think I may put them in their original wording, but I’m still not sure!

2) I’m starting an Etsy shop for charity- yay! I was wondering if any of you Etsy people (is that the correct term? XD) have any tips! Also, the shop is going to be a bracelet store for charity, so I need some help with names!!

3) This is so random, but do you have to watch any movies before you see Avengers: Infinity Wars? My friends REALLY want to see it with me but I haven’t seen any Avengers movies before XD

That’s it!! There will be more posts coming soon!



14 thoughts on “~I’m Back!+Questions!~

  1. I’ve seen Infinity War. And yes, you do have to watch other movies. I haven’t seen Black Panther, so my parents had to tell us kids the thing we needed to know from it. The movie’s I’d recommend seeing (assuming by Avengers movies you mean all Marvel :P) are all 3 Captain America movies, all 3 Thor movies, Guardians of the Galaxy (though Volume 2 sucks so maybe just read a summary of it or something) probably Black Panther, Spider-Man Homecoming, and both previous Avengers movies. Not in that order, because you should watch them in order. 😂 Yeah, it’s a long list. But everything has literally been building up to this movie (which is why they only released Part 1 this year… I have to wait till Part 2 comes out! 😭 Maybe I’ll watch Ant-Man and Wasp while I wait.)

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  2. Oh, Infinity War! Word of advice–bring tissues. The movie will definitely make a lot more sense if you watch the other Marvel movies, but I’ve only seen half of Captain America, both Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr. Strange, part of Iron Man, and part of the first Avengers movie (my brother told me what happens in all the others) and I still understood what was going on. As long as you have a basic background of what’s going on, you should be okay…


  3. Ooh, I’ve watched Infinity War! I’m a huge Avengers fan so I can’t exactly say what it’ll be like without knowing much of the background. But my grandad watched it too and he hasn’t watched Avengers before either, and he understood it just fine.
    I’d say maybe you should do some research on the characters, just to understand what powers they have. I don’t think you have to watch all the movies ever (trust me, even I haven’t 😛 ) to get what is going on.
    Hope that helped!

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    1. That’s a really good question! I think my blog is more of a passion and a hobby. However, there are some days where I’m so busy that the thought of blogging is kind of overwhelming. Whenever that happens, I take a short break from blogging to keep blogging from becoming a responsibility, if that makes sense.
      Hope that helps!

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      1. Thanks for answering my question, but… you see, i have brothers and sisters that don’t like it when I blog… and I don’t want to be that blogger that does’t respond to comment, emails, E.T.C. So, I need some way to get them to like that that I blog and not Be like, ” there she is, on her blog again!” and it gets really aggravating. So, i want them to, know that I need to do this, and that it is not the end of the world when I get on my blog. Its complicated….

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      2. Oh, I understand! Maybe explain to your siblings that blogging is what you love to do, and that sometimes you have to check your blog! If you explain blogging to them as an activity, then maybe they’ll understand.
        Also, if one of your siblings is really into soccer (for example) you can try saying “This is like my version of soccer!”

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  4. Congratulations on getting an Etsy shop! I have an Etsy shop! Make sure you have good packaging and methods of sending out your bracelets. Just so they don’t get damaged and it looks professional at the same time. I think my mom gets her Etsy packaging form a shop called TheShippingGuru!
    What I do is take an bigger envelope (I bought I think from the shop above) and a smaller envelope. (for rainbow loom stuff when I actively sold that) I put the order in the smaller envelope and tape it with washi tape. I usually print out the packing slip and write a nice little note! Then I put it all in the bigger envelope and tape on the address and that slip!
    Also make sure when you tape on the address slip (I use packing tape) you don’t cover up the bar code thingy. Because then people can’t tell where it is whether it’s in transit or whatever.
    Hope you have a great shop! Let me know when you open it! 🙂
    Sorry this was a super long comment XDD if you have any other questions, feel free to email me! 😀


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