~The Liebster Award!!~



The amazingly-marvelously-awesome Julia nominated me for this amazingly-marvelously-awesome award and it’s so amazingly-marvelously…. okay, I’ll stop!!

Now onto the rules!!

  1. Thank the person who nominated you!
  2. Answer the eleven questions!
  3. Name eleven random facts about yourself!
  4. Nominate eleven blogs and inform them that you nominated them!
  5. Give them eleven questions to answer!

Hmmm…. I see a theme with the numbers.😂

Now…. the questions!!

What is your favorite season?

AUTUMN (or fall, depending on the person.) I ADORE AUTUMN. AUTUMN IS GREAT. In fact, it’s so great I wrote a whole post about it a while back. (that was not supposed to be self promo, it’s just me saying how I LOVE autumn.)

just so you know… AUTUMN IS GREAT!!!


Do you think it’s even possible to choose one favorite book or book series?

That’s like asking me if I can recite the Spanish alphabet while taming a bull on a tightrope.

In other words, NO.


What kind[s]s of music do you like listening to?

I have such a weird taste in music. I like listening to instrumental music while doing my homework, but I also like pop-that-isn’t-really-pop? That made no sense at all, but again, I don’t make any sense at all!


If you could have a fantasy/mythical creature as a pet, which one would you choose?

A dragon! NO- a griffon- a hippogriff- NO AN ALICORN!!!!

Probably an alicorn, but it would take me ages to decide.


Do you like spicy food?

YES! I love spicy food, but not the type of spicy food that makes you spit it out in the middle of family dinner and the burning takes an hour to disappear.

Hmm, I wonder how humiliating that experience must be. Good thing I never experienced it…. he he… MOVING ON.


Why do you love blogging?

This is kind of like the favorite book question- there are too many answers.

I think my favorite reason is that I can be myself and not be ashamed. (So inspiring, Sapphire.) But it’s true- I’m a bubbly person offline, but online I feel like I’m truly myself.


Have you ever gotten a serious injury? If so, what was it?

I haven’t gotten a serious injury, but I think I broke my arm in fifth grade and I thought it was completely fine until I forgot I hurt it and did a handstand.



Can you sing many songs by heart?

Surprisingly, yes. I remember songs really quickly since they have a certain beat or tune.


Do you have a favorite plant? If so, what?

I love those plants that have big vines that are crawling all over the place. They’re so cool and interesting.


What was the best day of your life (so far)?

This is SUCH a hard question!!! I have a best day for every month or so, but life- THAT’S SO HARD!

A recent good day in my life was September 29, 2017, my birthday (wow I sound so arrogant.) My class was on an overnight field trip, and the day we came back was my birthday. At first I was a bit sad I didn’t get to spend my birthday morning with my family, but as soon as I walked into the breakfast room everyone started singing happy birthday to me and IT FELT SO SPECIAL! I did get home early, and my family got to spend time AND MY MOM MADE CHEESECAKE!



Open up the nearest book to you that isn’t a school book on page 58. What is the 27th sentence? (If there aren’t that many sentences, keep going on to the next page)

I sat on my bed for a good five minutes wondering which of the four books surrounding me was closer.

I got this sentence from Absolutely Truly (my absolute FAVORITE winter read.)

“He was adding a graffitti-speckled rafter above his sketch of a waterfall.”


Here are the eleven facts about me!

  1. I’m trilingual.
  2. I have one of those bungee chairs in my room and I think everyone should have one.
  3. I’m taking ice skating lessons! (Beginner ones, not those fancy jumps :D)
  4. I collect paint chips.
  5. I have an unhealthy obsession with cupcakes.
  6. I have a uniform for my school 😦
  7. I have started about 25 novels but I never finished them.
  8. When I was in second grade, I wanted to be a professional photographer since one came to our school to take pictures but I wasn’t in any of the photos.
  9. My favorite words in the english language are loquacious and labyrinth.
  10. My favorite art thing to do is collage.
  11. I love making random film trailers on iMovie. (IT’S SO FUN!!!)

The nominees! I tried to choose people I knew/friends with, but also people I semi knew, so I could get to know them better! (Just so when people saw that I nominated them and they were very confused.)

Enni- On The Wings of a Dream

Kaylyn- Kaylyn’s World

Mukta- Born Free

Maddy- Maddy’s Digital Diary

Mya- Life From Behind a Camera

Ivy and Em- Two Girls, Two Mountains

Bekah- Questionable Tortoise Couture

Blackie Sunshine- Silver Sky Dolls

Hannah- Crafts of All Seasons

AND ANYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO DO THIS because I couldn’t find anyone else to nominate.

Now for the questions!

What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

What are your goals for 2018?

If you could go ANYWHERE in the world, where would you go?

If you could have one truthful answer to ANY question, what would your question be?

Do you collect any weird things?

Is there a specific reason you chose your blog name?

If you could bring any fictional thing or person to life, who/what would it be?

What skill(s) do you really want to learn?

If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

What’s one joke that makes you laugh every time you hear it?


That’s it for this post! Hope everyone has a great 2018!


Sapphire ❤




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