//Storytelling+(late) answers for 14 truths and a lie//

hey Hey HEY!

It’s me, the person who hasn’t posted anything for the past seventeen years!

*crickets chirping*

Anyway, I have the answers for this post right here!

To recap, the list was:

  1. I’m a purple belt in Karate
  2. I won my first grade spelling bee
  3. I won 636 swedish fish by calculating the volume of the jar it was in.
  4. I read my first chapter book from the last chapter to the first chapter
  5. I wrote a 26 page story in fourth grade
  6. I’m an ambivert
  7. My neighbor owns a hot air balloon
  8. I make a FANTASTIC peanut butter chocolate chunk oatmeal cookie
  9. I can say the french alphabet six times without taking a breath
  10. The first musical I ever saw was Annie
  11. I used to be on a swim team
  12. I’ve high-fived Taylor Swift
  13. I’ve swam with dolphins
  14. My favorite color is turquoise
  15. My favorite food is gelato

Enni guessed number 9! She is……………………………………..wroooong.

It’s okay, Enni! I made this really hard 🙂

The lie is number 12! I’ve never high-fived Taylor Swift, or met her.

BUT- there’s some interesting stories behind these.

4- The first chapter book I read was the first magic tree house book. I read the first page, found it boring, then skipped to the last chapter and read the book backward.

Throwback 😀

(speaking of throwbacks, my younger sister is playing My Little Pony songs… that’s my sister for you.)

5- In fourth grade, our teacher assigned us to write a two-five page fantasy novel. Since I’m an overachiever, I wrote a twenty six page novel about mermaid twins, an octopus with an afro, and a unicorn. It was set in Underwater Dreamland. I will never share it.

8- I maaaaay have got the recipe off the back of Trader Joe’s Gluten Free oats bag, but hey, it’s good.

11- I started with a couple months of swim lessons, then I decided to swim competitively for a bit.

I quit after a month

13- IT WAS AWESOME the dolphin tried to drown me once BUT IT WAS STILL AWESOME.


Now some stories-

I was once on a quiz show. There were some hard categories, but then there was a Greek mythology category, and I was like, “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!! I READ PERCY JACKSON!!!!!” But then…





Thankfully, my team answered them all correctly, but still.


This next story happened Thursday. I’m on a Junior Varsity Basketball team for my school, and we were watching the Varsity team play a game. We got to leave fifteen minutes early, so we could make it to the game. I lost track of time, so I left class 10 minutes early instead of 15.

(sorry if this is really confusing)

I’m walking over to the bus stop, and I don’t see the sports bus. I call my friend who’s on the basketball team, but she was at a dentist appointment. I call my other friend, and she picks up. This was basically our conversation.

Me: “Hey, where are you?”

My friend: “We’re driving. We left a couple of minutes ago.”

Me, screaming: “WAIT FOR ME!!!”

My friend: “Sapphire, we’ve literally left the school.”

Me: “I’M COMING!!!”

I start running as fast as I can (which is pretty slow.) When I was three blocks away from the school, yelling “I SEE THE BUS! TELL THE DRIVER TO STOP!” on the phone.

I probably looked insane BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT.

I can hear my friend yelling, “COACH! SAPPHIRE’S COMING! STOP THE BUS!” on the phone.

The bus stopped, and everyone was staring at me as I ran toward the bus. I had my bag in one hand and my coat in the other, so it was kind of hard.

MIRACULOUSLY, I made it onto the bus, then tripped up the stairs.

Oh, the joys of being clumsy.

Those are my stories! Do you have any funny stories? If so, comment them below!




10 thoughts on “//Storytelling+(late) answers for 14 truths and a lie//

  1. Oh, I’m full of funny stories.
    For instance, my brothers and I went to Six Flags this past May. We drug our friend Joel along. (Joel and I are close enough to be siblings.) Anyways, we decided to ride Batman: The Ride to begin the day. What we didn’t know was that Joel is completely, utterly terrified of roller coasters. After jostling him and coaxing and convincing him that it’d be awesome, we all get into the row, I pull my restraint down, it locks in place, and I remember – I haven’t ever ridden a roller coaster. What did I just do?!?!?! But the ride started and yeah. I almost panicked. But I had a ton of fun!
    Does your neighbor seriously own a hot air balloon?


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